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Emanuel Lee is an avid runner and the Sports Editor for the Hollister Free Lance.

Maze & Grace

Six months ago, Bonnie Swank sat on her stool in the middle of a cornfield on 4751 Pacheco Pass Highway, wondering if the large piece of land around her could serve as the next home for the Swank Farms corn maze. Bonnie’s husband, Dick, kept insisting it was a good location. [...]

Herbal Infusion

By the time Sara Steiner’s custom-made, herbal tea blends reach various farmers markets in the Bay Area, they will have gone through the most rigorous testing standards—Steiner’s palate. “I’m more critical than the people drinking it,” says Steiner, who is the owner [...]

Off-road paradise

Before Hollister Hills became the first State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) in California in 1975, it was operated privately as a motorcycle park. “The history with Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) goes all the way back to the 1950s, before the state even purchased it,” says [...]

Probiotic powerhouse

In the last several years, yogurt has risen to the forefront as a trendy health food. And for good reason. Yogurt provides belly-filling protein, is loaded with bone-building calcium and the good bacteria in yogurt helps maintain gut health. The latter is especially important [...]

A pillar of strength

Growing up I always found it odd when I heard my friends and their parents say to each other, “I love you.” From the time I was born and through my teenage years, my mom never said those words to me. She didn’t have to. If I’ve learned anything over the years, it’s [...]

Fitness at home

You don’t need to have a membership to a health club to get fit. This can be done in your own house or apartment complex. Whether it’s a pool, treadmill, elliptical, stair master, rower and strength-training equipment—or all of the above—getting fit within the comforts [...]

Quality fuel

When it comes to weight loss and optimum health, carbohydrates are not your enemy. Why? Carbs are converted into glucose in the body, giving you energy. Carbs are the preferred fuel source for the brain and body, and they’re vital for exercise-goers, especially long-distance [...]