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New year, new you

Wallace Baine is a staff writer for New SV Media with extensive experience covering community arts in the region.
Wallace Baine
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That suddenly outdated calendar that you take down from the wall on New Year’s Day—ever notice how heavy that thing is? Maybe it’s your imagination, or maybe it’s from the [...]

Healthstyles: East Indian diet

Contributor at South Valley magazine
Neera Siva is a health enthusiast, mom, patent attorney and writer, in no particular order. She and her family live in Santa Clara County. Check out her website at, or follow her on twitter @neera_avis.
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It’s September, and for most Americans, the eating frenzy of the holidays is still safely out of mind, tucked far off into the future somewhere behind Halloween and Thanksgiving. For [...]

Probiotic powerhouse

Emanuel Lee is an avid runner and the Sports Editor for the Hollister Free Lance.
Emanuel Lee
In the last several years, yogurt has risen to the forefront as a trendy health food. And for good reason. Yogurt provides belly-filling protein, is loaded with bone-building calcium and [...]

Lotions & potions

Kimberly Ewertz is a freelance writer for South Valley magazine and Gilroy Dispatch.
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Some will choose flowers, others candy, but for those ready to cross the line from traditional gifts this Valentine’s Day, the Black Label Jack Rabbit personal massager, a sleek black [...]