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About Wallace Baine
Wallace Baine is a staff writer for New SV Media with extensive experience covering community arts in the region.

Brothers in arms

Joe Loquiao carries photos of his military family in his phone. But he doesn’t have to. They’re literally part of his body.  Tattooed on his left arm are two images [...]

Garlic for Gilroy

The echoes of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting sounded all over the world. And that includes far-away Skagway, Alaska where at least one local resident proudly sports a tattoo of [...]

Waldo is here

For the month of July, there’s at least one correct answer to the question that generations of parents and children have been asking each other over and over again. So [...]

Let Freedom sing

For the record, the Declaration of Independence was not drafted and signed in Morgan Hill. George Washington never slept here. But, judging by the scope, ambition and tradition of Morgan [...]

Man of Honor

It was long ago and far away—November 1950, the Harry Truman era. About 85 percent of Americans living today weren’t even born yet. The place was deep inside what is [...]

All for the laughs

Maybe Tolstoy had it wrong with his famous comment that all happy families are alike. Sure, every happy family has its share of laughs. But the Pintellos of Gilroy have [...]

New year, new you

That suddenly outdated calendar that you take down from the wall on New Year’s Day—ever notice how heavy that thing is? Maybe it’s your imagination, or maybe it’s from the [...]

Pumpkin parties

You can see the grounds of the Pumpkin Park at Uesugi Farms from the road. But to actually get there by car? That takes a journey. Once you turn off [...]
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