Articles by Erik Chalhoub

Rising from the ashes

The clatter of plates and the chatter of diners are a constant in downtown Morgan Hill and surrounding cities, no matter the situation. Outdoor dining was once again allowed earlier [...]

Safeguarding homes

Shawn Sahbari anticipates a time in the near future when the word “Komodo” is used as a verb. Possible uses include “Have you Komodoed the lawn?” or “Builders Komodoed the [...]

Gilroy musician hopes to inspire

Cassidy Guerrero sees a desire among the young people in Gilroy to express themselves through music, yet the opportunities to do so in the city are minimal. Guerrero, the artist [...]

Biking during a pandemic

The fresh air, the pumping blood, the sights and sounds––the health benefits of bicycling cannot be disputed. With people stuck inside their homes staring at the same walls for the [...]
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