Articles by Erik Chalhoub

Finding Resilience

For nearly a decade, Crystal Dela Cruz has tried to get on a bodybuilding stage. After years of stops and starts, she committed herself to the sport in January 2020. [...]

Rising from the ashes

The clatter of plates and the chatter of diners are a constant in downtown Morgan Hill and surrounding cities, no matter the situation. Outdoor dining was once again allowed earlier [...]

Safeguarding homes

Shawn Sahbari anticipates a time in the near future when the word “Komodo” is used as a verb. Possible uses include “Have you Komodoed the lawn?” or “Builders Komodoed the [...]

Gilroy musician hopes to inspire

Cassidy Guerrero sees a desire among the young people in Gilroy to express themselves through music, yet the opportunities to do so in the city are minimal. Guerrero, the artist [...]
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