Articles by Erik Chalhoub

Passion for Pasta

Food for the Palmer family is a tradition that has been passed down through the generations. Specifically, it was the spaghetti and meatballs cooked by longtime Morgan Hill resident Tommy Palmer’s grandmother that always brought the entire family together, sharing stories, [...]

Finding Resilience

For nearly a decade, Crystal Dela Cruz has tried to get on a bodybuilding stage. After years of stops and starts, she committed herself to the sport in January 2020. Of course, two months later, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world, forcing numerous competitions to be [...]

Rising from the ashes

The clatter of plates and the chatter of diners are a constant in downtown Morgan Hill and surrounding cities, no matter the situation. Outdoor dining was once again allowed earlier this year, as Covid-19 cases drop and vaccinations rise. The pent-up demand for restaurants and [...]

Safeguarding homes

Shawn Sahbari anticipates a time in the near future when the word “Komodo” is used as a verb. Possible uses include “Have you Komodoed the lawn?” or “Builders Komodoed the home’s sprinkler system.” That verb refers to Sahbari’s growing business, Komodo Fire [...]

Morgan Hill car builder shares love of Mustangs with the world

Les Stuart has no shortage of stories from customers that come through his Morgan Hill shop. There is the almond farmer in Madera, who wants to drive his dream car before he dies.  Another man from Kentucky, who purchased a 1969 Mustang Boss 429 when it was new but had to [...]

Shopping at small businesses has big impacts for communities

The Covid-19 pandemic has put much of the country in a “back to the basics” mode of living. People have been staying home much more than they used to, cooking their own meals, setting up their workstations and starting new crafty hobbies. It has also opened their eyes to the [...]

Local journalist releases book on coping with divorce

In 1990, Kimberly Ewertz filed for divorce, taking herself and her then-10-year-old son away from an emotionally abusive marriage that lasted for a dozen years. She couldn’t have imagined the long, difficult road that laid ahead for her and her son. But looking back on it now, [...]

Gilroy musician hopes to inspire

Cassidy Guerrero sees a desire among the young people in Gilroy to express themselves through music, yet the opportunities to do so in the city are minimal. Guerrero, the artist known as 1 A.M., hopes to one day create a dedicated space in Gilroy, where young people from [...]
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