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Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.

Lasting legacy

This month the Gilroy Arts Alliance gathers the community for its fifth annual celebration of the rich contributions African Americans have made to our national and local tapestry. Exhibit curator Louise Shields said the theme of this year’s event focused on the Black [...]

Social fabric

Part of the rich culture of Santa Clara County, African Americans were instrumental in the establishing its first settlements beginning with El Pueblo de San Jose de Guadalupe in 1777. “African American leaders helped to establish social services,” says author and educator [...]

Visiting South Valley vineyards

Have passport, will travel! It’s a common cry for those bitten by the travel bug. For wine lovers, however, travel takes on a whole new meaning—typical destinations revolve around terroir and taste. For the South Valley oenophile, or wine connoisseur, making a complete [...]

A healer with a heart

With the aid of technology, our world has gotten smaller. At our fingertips are tools for education, health and other infinite information resources. People once miles and time zones apart are more easily connected. Our culture of convenience, while helpful in so many areas, may [...]

Tours in two towns

Spacious parcels, stunning views, fertile gardens and interiors adorned with items from around the world describe some of the finest sites in this year’s homes and gardens tours. It would be enough if it were one tour, but Mother’s Day weekend offers two distinct tours in [...]

Mindful methods

For nearly one-tenth of the world’s population, Buddhist practice is where adherents go to find their center. Buddhism is prized the world over for its peaceful philosophy and mindfulness practice geared toward ridding oneself of suffering. But this way of life or path isn’t [...]

Groomed for grooming

Even as a kid, everyone knew Jamie Ha would grow up to be a pet groomer. When she bought Canine Concepts at East Dunne and Monterey Street in Morgan Hill in 2015, Ha had nearly 20 years of grooming experience under her belt. And that didn’t even include her early work with [...]

Building a scene

Few people have embarked on a filmmaker’s journey, but with the advances in technology—quite literally, at our fingertips—making our own movies is easier than ever. This is one of the messages that L. Mattock Scariot, director of the upcoming Poppy Jasper International [...]

Fairy lands of South Valley

Whoever said they didn’t have enough space for a garden, perhaps hasn’t considered creating one in miniature. Now those longing to use their green thumbs can mimic a full-scale garden in a small pot. Ashlee Hill, 38, horticulturist and buyer at Johnson Garden Center in [...]

Magazine makers

Can you really be anything you want to be when you grow up? It’s a phrase commonly uttered to inspire young creative minds to greatness. And yet it’s a vision that comes true for few. But, for Carly Gelsinger, she always knew what she wanted to be—a writer. At the young [...]
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