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Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.

Realtor’s Corner: Lori Robitaille Biasca

How did you get involved in real estate? I always wanted to get involved in real estate—I think it was really my career goal from a young age. I didn’t get started until I was an empty nester, mostly because it’s such a risk to be an independent contract and not have that [...]

Fleeting faculties

Most people have been affected by it one way or another—a loved one begins to struggle with memory loss or a friend of the family shares their experience with their own parent vacillating between the tragic decline of dementia and moments of clarity. For some, they are acutely [...]

Realtor’s Corner

What drove you to real estate? I saw myself changing careers right after I graduated from UCSB. I realized that I was looking for a more dynamic job outside of an office. I decided to give real estate a try—I fell in love! I quickly found myself comfortable talking to [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Mary Squire

How did you get started in real estate?   I was working in Silicon Valley in the high-tech field when I began searching for my first home. That was when I realized real estate was for me and would be something I would do well and enjoy. I began taking video classes at a local [...]

Property spotlight

This two-story Morgan Hill home offers privacy, solitude and amazing views. Located along a scenic road at the Morgan Hill/San Martin border, hobby farmers looking for a little piece of paradise close to downtown shopping need look no further than this gem for their very own [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Andrew Jacobs

Is it a good time to buy? It’s a very good time to buy. Interest rates are still at almost historic lows. So you can fix a rate and get into a good home. The one thing is a lack of inventory, which is pushing prices up. But if you can get qualified and buy a house now at a low [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Jackie McAbee

How do you help buyers find the right home? Because I specialize in relocation for buyers moving to our newly emerging real estate market in San Benito County, the goal of my initial consultation with my buyer is to determine which stage they are in their life; are they a [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Joe Velasco

What does being a successful Realtor mean to you? A successful realtor to me means, someone who is an expert in the marketplace and who has a proven track record. It also means having expertise in presenting the home in the best way possible—online, in print media and in [...]

Realtor’s Corner: John and Renee Kunz

How do you advise a first-time homeowner looking to get involved in real estate investing? It is important to know what their goals are first! People need to have a direction and be informed, understanding all aspects of owning an investment property, including the good and the [...]
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