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Intero Realtor Tamara Lucachin loves homes

YOU’RE COVERED Realtor Tamara Lucachin works with clients from North Monterey County to south Santa Clara County.
What drove you to real estate?

I saw myself changing careers right after I graduated from UCSB. I realized that I was looking for a more dynamic job outside of an office. I decided to give real estate a try—I fell in love! I quickly found myself comfortable talking to strangers and had a desire to help people achieve the American Dream in such a tough economy. I saw it as a challenge I wanted to face and still see it that way. I gain satisfaction knowing I was able to get a buyer into a home.


What is your area of expertise?

I mostly work with first-time home buyers. I enjoy educating a buyer and going through that emotional process as a professional. I also work with first-time sellers. That can be a scary process as well. My job is to guide and provide necessary information for my clients to make informed decisions.


What do you love about your job?

There are so many things I love about my job, especially because every transaction is different. My favorite thing about my job has to be the deep connections I make with my clients. I stay in contact and hope they see me more than a Realtor. My goal is to become a resource for a lifetime.


What was your best sale in the last year?

Some people count their best sale in terms of commission earned. However, my best sale last year has to be my trickiest one. I helped a first-time buyer couple get into their home while the wife was pregnant and both were in Europe on vacation. They trusted me with the purchase of their home and nothing speaks greater to me than being able to prove my loyalty to clients. I truly felt appreciated and respected as a professional with such an emotional lifetime investment.


What’s your ideal vacation?

Vacation!! Yes! My ideal vacation is one where I can relax and unplug from the rest of the world. I am sure my clients are taken care of before I leave, then I enjoy time with my spouse exploring local restaurants and finding a hiking trail. I could be by a beach or in a desert. As long as we get to try Mom and Pop restaurants and hike outdoors, I am set! If my three doggies can come, then even better!


Contact Tamara Lucachin at 408.710.7615, via email at [email protected] or online at

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