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Realtors John and Renee Kunz TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS Realtors John and Renee Kunz are invested in their client’s future—covering the broad areas of southern Santa Clara County, San Benito County and from Salinas to Watsonville.
How do you advise a first-time homeowner looking to get involved in real estate investing?

It is important to know what their goals are first! People need to have a direction and be informed, understanding all aspects of owning an investment property, including the good and the unexpected. Talking with a CPA is a good start. Once they’ve determined they are committed to purchasing real estate as an investment, we then see what is available and have an open discussion. Based on their needs and availability, we would discuss property management options and costs involved if they want to go in that direction. I always let my clients know this is a long term relationship. I want to be invested in their success.


How secure are real estate investments for retirement planning? I believe in real estate as an investment strategy; however, there are no guarantees. If you look to the history of real estate, it’s a solid investment. But, if a person does not have the ability to weather a storm with reserves—it is not the appropriate choice. I can tell you if the cash flow is solid and the market is timed appropriately, real estate equity can be used for many different purposes over time.

How do clients find a Realtor they can trust?

As a Realtor, I am considered a fiduciary. Trust is paramount. Do your homework when choosing an agent. Ask friends or family members for referrals and read online reviews. Find a good match by asking great questions of the prospective agent, including: 1) Are you a full time agent, 2) How long have you been in the business, 3) Can you provide references, 4) Are you familiar with area in question.

How did you get started in real estate?

I owned and operated a real estate inspection firm for approximately 18 years. Renee is a third generation realtor so about 10 years ago we decided to go into business together. My collection of knowledge from the inspection industry and Renee’s contract and negotiation experience have been a significant benefit to the clients we serve.

What do you love most about your job?

The people! The real estate transaction is more than just paperwork—the people involved make the transaction rewarding. Each transaction is different, but because I am versed in the contract and local customs, I can assist my clients to the best of my ability regardless of their needs.

Contact John or Renee Kunz at [email protected] or by calling 831.801.4573.

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