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Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.

Realtor’s Corner: Tanya Patterson

What are the best tools a seller has at their disposal to receive top dollar for their home? The top tools would be: cleaning your home (especially windows), making the entry to your home is as impactful as possible (first impressions matter), ensuring the front yard is neat, [...]

Mushroom Masters

So captivated by the mushroom, Egyptian pharaohs considered the famous fungi food for royalty and decreed that no commoner should touch them. The Egyptians were not alone in their reverence for the mushroom. Various civilizations in history have placed the mushroom central to [...]

A mom’s home & garden tour

From original oak floors and pellet stoves to Gothic-style gables and outdoor aviaries, the Gilroy Assistance League has lined up five historic homes in the heart of Gilroy for its 13th annual Impressions: Home & Garden Tour. With the money raised during the 2016 home tour, [...]

What Jews believe

If you’ve ever wondered what Jesus has to do with Judaism or what the Jewish concept of sin is, these are the types of questions that will be addressed during the Interfaith Community of South County’s (ICSC) event The Faith of Our Neighbors: Judaism. “The idea is to [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Joseph and Tari Wortham

As a realty team, what made you decide to join forces? Tari has been very successful at understanding the local market and has been a realtor for almost three years. She enjoys helping clients and was top 10 agent at Intero Gilroy in 2016. I come from the fire service where [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Martha Lizarraga

What do you enjoy most about being a Realtor? In these past 12 years as a Realtor, I have really enjoyed building close relationships with my clients in helping them in their interest of either buying or selling a home and many have become very close personal friends of mine. [...]

Red or white

Whether it’s rib-eye steaks off the barbecue, spicy kung pao chicken take-out or an eclectic charcuterie board—it seems there’s a wine paring for everything. For those with a hankering for comfort foods like BBQ ribs or spaghetti with marinara sauce, a zinfandel would be a [...]

Flower power

Since 1983 the Wildflower Run has been fundraising to support the education of women. Former director Elizabeth Mandel is in charge of publicity this year and says she’s been living and breathing this event every winter for the past seven. “We raise close to $50,000 a year [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Charlene King

What led to your Real Estate Career? My father was a licensed Realtor and encouraged his three children to do the same right out of high school—believing it would be a great side job or backup. Now, my two brothers and I have successful careers in this wonderful line of work. [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Dan Gluhaich

What is your experience with vineyards in real estate? I’ve been in real estate for 40 years and I came out of the agricultural business. I have a vineyard of my own and I understand the business and I understand ag land and selling ag land. I’ve done several transactions of [...]
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