Realtor’s Corner: Martha Lizarraga

head shot martha lizarraga RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Martha Lizarraga takes time to develop rapport with clients in Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill and Hollister. Photo: Michael Hawk
What do you enjoy most about being a Realtor?

In these past 12 years as a Realtor, I have really enjoyed building close relationships with my clients in helping them in their interest of either buying or selling a home and many have become very close personal friends of mine. After graduating college with a degree in Business Accounting, I excitedly chose to become a Realtor and have subsequently acquired my Broker License and it has become the most enjoyable life experience for me.

How is the real estate market looking right now?

The market at the moment is at a big advantage for homeowners wanting to sell their property. Inventory is currently low, which creates a high level of interest for seeking buyers when a home comes up for sale on the market. Many homes at the moment are receiving offers above their asking price and many homeowners are taking advantage of this current trend.

What areas do you concentrate in?

I work throughout the entire Bay Area, but much of my work lately has been in the South County areas of Morgan Hill, San Martin, Gilroy and Hollister.

What was your most enjoyable sale in the last year?

Very recently, in this very competitive market, I submitted an offer for my first-time buyers on a beautiful home they really fell in love with. This home ended up having multiple offers over asking price and unfortunately we were told another offer had been reviewed and accepted by the sellers. My clients were heartbroken. I continued in their home search but knew they had their hearts set on the other home. A few weeks had passed, and surprisingly, I received notice of that transaction having fallen through. I immediately notified my clients and they were ecstatic! I resubmitted my clients’ offer along with a very detailed letter explaining my clients’ continued interest in that property. We anxiously awaited any forthcoming news and the very next day we got notification the offer had been accepted. My clients and their family were so happy it made the entire transaction quite memorable.

What makes a good agent or broker?

I feel that a strong dedication in helping others is of the utmost importance in being a good and honest agent. I put my client’s needs first and do my best to ensure all parties in a transaction work together in harmony so as to provide the most stress-free buying or selling experience possible.

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