Realtor’s Corner: Lori Robitaille Biasca

BROAD RANGE Lori Robitaille Biasca of Pacific Oak Real Estate has offices in Morgan Hill and Hollister. Photo: Contributed
How did you get involved in real estate?

I always wanted to get involved in real estate—I think it was really my career goal from a young age. I didn’t get started until I was an empty nester, mostly because it’s such a risk to be an independent contract and not have that promised salary.

I think it was just a decision to go ahead and give it a try and I’m really glad that I did—it’s been four years now.

What is your area of expertise?

I really enjoy working with first time homebuyers because I think they have a lot of questions. I like mentoring and holding people’s hands. I think what I bring to the industry is what a lot of women my age bring—we’ve been mothers and wives and when you get to real estate it’s almost like second nature to take care of people’s needs and kind of spoil them in the process.

What makes you stand out among other Realtors in the area?

I think that the good agents are out there all feel the same way—we want to be there for our clients and alleviate their stress. It’s supposed to be an exciting journey, but it can be a really stressful one.

I think for me what stands out is that I can tell my clients what to expect from the process and what to expect from me, so I can deliver on that.

But not all transactions are pleasant. I just finished a transaction with somebody who had to sell their mother’s house because she just passed away. I think for me what sets me apart is empathizing with that client. I’m there for them regardless of what their reason is. I don’t differentiate the 300K buyer from the million dollar buyer because at the end of it, they’re people.


What is good about the current market? What’s good are the equity gains that people have realized. Not just the seller who can sell their house from a million dollars, but the person that got into their first-time condo or house. Their equity gains have been good. This market is fraught with equity, which is why the Bay Area is the place to be.

How do you spend your free time?

We have a small ranchette that’s like three acres—we have chickens, grapes and we go wine tasting or take our dog for a hike. We enjoy hanging out with friends and family.  

Contact Lori Robitaille Biasca at 408.314.4781 or visit her online at

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