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South Valley interfaith community talks about Buddhism

For nearly one-tenth of the world’s population, Buddhist practice is where adherents go to find their center. Buddhism is prized the world over for its peaceful philosophy and mindfulness practice geared toward ridding oneself of suffering. But this way of life or path isn’t just for Buddhists—it’s available to adherents of other religions too.

That’s part of the mission at the Dhammakaya Meditation Center Silicon Valley where abbot Piyawajago Bhikkhu and his staff teach and practice Buddhist meditation in the Theraveda philosophy and where, on April 29 the Dhammakaya Meditation Center will open its doors to a Q&A as part of its first collaborative effort with the Interfaith Community of South County (ICSC).

This event is part of the ICSC’s “Faith of our Neighbors” series, in which various religious entities invite the community to come and learn about faiths different from their own.

Center coordinator Rose Wimonrat Well says she believes people will be surprised to learn Buddhism is very simple and easy.

“What we teach is the practical Buddhism,” says Wimonrat. “They don’t have to be Buddhist to learn these principals. They can use it in their daily lives no matter who they are.”

Wimonrat says the meditation techniques taught at the center are known as the Middle Way—a tradition that originated in Thailand. She says the techniques are accessible to all regardless of faith, age, or gender and attendees will be invited to learn these techniques on April 29.

“There are a lot of benefits to practicing this type of meditation,” says Wimonrat. “For example stress management—it can increase clarity or self awareness. You’re able to be more in the present moment and therefore you are able to enjoy the happiness of being in the present moment.”

Wimonrat, the center offers its classes free of charge, including an Introduction to Middle Way Meditation, Journey to Inner Peace, a seven-week life enrichment program and a mobile meditation. “Mobile meditation is a session where people invite our teaching monk to their office, their house, their apartment to learn about mediation,” Wimonrat says. “The topic can be customized to their interests. And right now the most popular request is for work life balance.”

‘Faith of Our Neighbors: Buddhism and The Art of Meditation’ Sunday, April 29, 2018, 4-6pm,

Dhammakaya Meditation Center Silicon Valley, 280 Llagas Road in Morgan Hill. Follow ICSC on Facebook: @InterfaithCommunityofSouthCounty

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