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Kate Russell is a UCCE Master Gardener in Santa Clara county.

Fire safety in the garden

One or two minutes may be all the warning you get when it comes to fire. Fire-safe gardening around your home can give you the time you need to get out safely. [...]

How does your garlic grow?

Being the Garlic Capital of the World means there are plenty of garlic goodies to be found in Gilroy, but growing your own garlic may be the most rewarding way [...]

Fuzzy, but not friends

If you have citrus trees, you probably have citrus mealybugs. Cousin to scale insects, these tiny Morgan Hill pests are often overlooked. At first, you may see some sooty mold [...]

Wonderful Waste

The science behind composting is solid. Yard and kitchen waste are made of plants. In nature, plants decompose and return their nutrients to the soil. Other plants feed on those [...]

Sap-sucking pests

Aphids, or plant lice, are nearly always a problem in the garden. This is particularly true in winter, when it comes to cabbage aphids. Cabbage aphids (Brevicoryne brassicae) can wipe [...]

Garden myths

Oxalic acid—you’ve heard the warnings, telling how rhubarb leaves and other plant parts that contain oxalic acid should not be eaten. But that’s not entirely accurate. Let’s learn the truth [...]

The bitter root

Chicory root coffee may inspire thoughts of pastry and jazz, but this rugged roadside weed has a place in Gilroy gardens and landscapes. Chicory is a woody perennial that comes [...]
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