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Laura Ness is an accomplished freelance writer offering travel tips and commentary on the California wine industry.

Harvest 2020: A Tale of Two Cities

Harvest has been relatively painless for some in the Santa Clara Valley. For others, it’s been painfully difficult. It’s all a matter of where grapes are sourced. Most of Santa [...]

Hazy harvest begins

Nobody likes to kick off the harvest season with wildfires ablaze, but such is the continuing series of delights that has marked the year 2020 from the outset. Some local [...]

The cowboy legend lives on

Above his mask, this cowboy’s eyes match the blue skies overhead. He wears his father’s pearl-buttoned shirt with pride. Dust-covered boots carry his lanky frame across the broad graveled patio [...]

Mourning the loss of Gary Guglielmo

Santa Clara County’s oldest continuously operated family winery since 1925, Guglielmo Family Winery, is reeling from the sudden loss of Gary John Guglielmo, the youngest of the third-generation to helm [...]

Winery opens for service

If you miss relaxing with wine in the vines, head to Fortino, where they’ve begun table service on the Redwood Terrace, by reservation, Friday through Sunday, from 11am-5pm. Guests can [...]

Santa Clara Valley wineries await reopening

Tasting rooms are starting to reopen in California, but it’s a county-by-county situation. Initially, wineries were required to serve a “full meal” in order to reopen, but that was fortunately [...]

Local winemaker spotlighted

When reading the May issue of Wine Business Monthly, I smiled when I saw Dan Martin of Martin Ranch featured as part of their “Winemaker of the Month” series. His [...]

A virtual visit to wine country

We can all agree that “Wine Country” in California pretty much applies to nearly everywhere that grapes are grown. No matter where you live in this great state, many wine [...]
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