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Laura Ness is an accomplished freelance writer offering travel tips and commentary on the California wine industry.

Winery opens for service

If you miss relaxing with wine in the vines, head to Fortino, where they’ve begun table service on the Redwood Terrace, by reservation, Friday through Sunday, from 11am-5pm. Guests can [...]

Santa Clara Valley wineries await reopening

Tasting rooms are starting to reopen in California, but it’s a county-by-county situation. Initially, wineries were required to serve a “full meal” in order to reopen, but that was fortunately [...]

Local winemaker spotlighted

When reading the May issue of Wine Business Monthly, I smiled when I saw Dan Martin of Martin Ranch featured as part of their “Winemaker of the Month” series. His [...]

A virtual visit to wine country

We can all agree that “Wine Country” in California pretty much applies to nearly everywhere that grapes are grown. No matter where you live in this great state, many wine [...]

Cooking with a Michelin star

You may not be able to book a table at one of San Francisco’s famed eateries, but Carolyn and John Aver are making it possible for you to take cooking [...]

Monterey Wine Competition winners

We gotta look for some good news here. Let’s celebrate the good results for local wineries that entered the Monterey International Wine Competition, held March 14 in King City.  Alara [...]

For the love of apricots

Have you noticed? The apricot trees are a-bloom. For local apricot lover and author, Lisa Newman, who grew up among the once bountiful blossoms of the Valley of the Heart’s [...]
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