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Lover of arts & books; ukulele learner; therapeutic knitter; long-distance runner. Former Arts and Books Editor at Herald-Tribune.

Come on-a My House

Tenderly, The Rosemary Clooney Musical, opening April 27 at Limelight Actors Theater, is more than simply a jukebox musical with an actress running through the Clooney songbook. Instead, the musical, written by Janet Yates Vogt and Mark Friedman, takes a deeper look at the life [...]

A hard-knock life

The cast of the South Valley Civic Theatre’s production of the musical “Annie Jr.” is made up entirely of young people—and two dogs. Golden retrievers Bailey, 6, and Mason, 5, will share the crucial role of the title character’s canine companion Sandy. At a rehearsal [...]

Winning wildflowers

The 2018 Wildflower Run, sponsored and staged by the Morgan Hill branch of the American Association of University Women, bears little resemblance to the first Wildflower Run 35 years ago. That first race, in 1984, was open only to women and girls, 217 of whom participated, and [...]

Millie takes Manhattan

In two years of seeing shows staged by South Valley Community Theatre, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the talent displayed by local actors, with some of the best demonstrated by teenagers. This opinion was confirmed by the current production of Thoroughly Modern Millie, the [...]

A knack for theater

Community theaters, and theatrical troupes of all stripes, pride themselves on creating strong, family-like bonds among cast and crew and especially of developing new generations of talent. South Valley Civic Theatre, which presents a children’s show, a teen show and at least [...]

Mismatched pairs

From the opening languorous procession of Broadway showgirls in stupendous headdresses and a boatload of sequins and rhinestones, through the finale and final bows of the cast, be prepared to be dazzled by South Valley Civic Theatre’s production of Stephen Sondheim’s [...]

‘Four Immigrants’: A Review

A rollicking turn-of-the-century San Francisco provides the backdrop to an exciting new musical that shows America simultaneously as a land of opportunity and a sometimes cruel, unwelcoming host to immigrants. In “The Four Immigrants: An American Musical Manga,” the [...]

Feel the love

Rafiki, Mumfasa, Simba and other denizens of the African savanna will arrive on the stage at Gilroy High School this weekend for the Gilroy Parks and Recreation Department’s annual summer show. Disney’s The Lion King Jr., a condensed version designed specifically for cast [...]

Wild Willy Wonka

Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka is just the sort of light trifle that will amuse adults and children alike on a hot summer evening—as refreshing as an ice cream cone. Directed by Carol Harris with choreography by Jyovonne Montosa at Morgan Hill’s South Valley Civic Theatre, the [...]

Chocolate with a twist

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect show for community theater groups than Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka, with a cast that can be expanded to accommodate any number of aspiring and experienced actors, and of all ages from little kids to grandparents. And imagination is the key [...]
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