Safeguarding homes

Safeguarding homes

Shawn Sahbari anticipates a time in the near future when the word “Komodo” is used as a verb. Possible uses include “Have you Komodoed the lawn?” or “Builders Komodoed the home’s sprinkler system.” That verb refers to Sahbari’s growing business, Komodo Fire [...]

Kitchen personalization

In today’s world, home delivery is not only a convenience—it’s essential, and Gilroy resident and entrepreneur Ann Marie McCauley of Lazy Suzan Designs has provided that convenience to her clients since 2005. “I felt it would be much lower overhead to do a mobile [...]

Wildflower Run adapts to pandemic

By Elizabeth Mandel Non-profit organizations have been forced by the pandemic to re-imagine their fundraising efforts, finding creative and compelling ways to continue helping those in need in their community. AAUW Morgan Hill, organizer of the annual Wildflower Run for almost [...]

Morgan Hill car builder shares love of Mustangs with the world

Les Stuart has no shortage of stories from customers that come through his Morgan Hill shop. There is the almond farmer in Madera, who wants to drive his dream car before he dies.  Another man from Kentucky, who purchased a 1969 Mustang Boss 429 when it was new but had to [...]

Growing vegetables in containers

Radishes, beans, salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic and many other edible plants can be grown in containers, given enough sunlight. Without enough light, plants will not produce a harvest. Plants use sunlight, or artificially created sunlight, to create sugars using [...]

Wineries hanging on

Forced to do pickup only beginning in early December, our local wineries have sure been whiplashed by the pandemic. But it doesn’t stop them from pressing on. While the winegrower’s association has taken a temporary pause, the wineries are doing what they can to keep their [...]

Valentine’s, Velocipedes and Verdant Ventures

Sweet! The 14th falls on a Sunday this year! Be sure to take your sweetheart (or your family of sweethearts) out for a St. Valentine’s Day spin! Oh, and don’t forget the face masks. How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Smooth sailing? Riddled with roadblocks? Keep [...]

Shopping at small businesses has big impacts for communities

The Covid-19 pandemic has put much of the country in a “back to the basics” mode of living. People have been staying home much more than they used to, cooking their own meals, setting up their workstations and starting new crafty hobbies. It has also opened their eyes to the [...]

Cycling through wishes

This blessed season, I wish to… 1. Heartily congratulate Bicycle Pedestrian Commission Chair Zach Hilton, on his recent election to the Gilroy City Council! 2. Strongly encourage teen riders (especially girls) to join the South County Composite High School Mountain Bike Team! [...]
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