Vicki Goicovich, volunteer extraordinaire

Vicki Goicovich, volunteer extraordinaire

Vicki Goicovich was 21 and a communications major living in Los Angeles with her sights set on broadcast radio when she received the call that changed everything. Her mother, Tamiyo Mano, was diagnosed with cancer.  Goicovich immediately left L.A. and returned home to [...]

Local journalist releases book on coping with divorce

In 1990, Kimberly Ewertz filed for divorce, taking herself and her then-10-year-old son away from an emotionally abusive marriage that lasted for a dozen years. She couldn’t have imagined the long, difficult road that laid ahead for her and her son. But looking back on it now, [...]

Getting help in the garden

Gone are the days of barn raisings and community grain harvests, but that doesn’t mean you have to do all your garden work by yourself.  Let’s face it—gardening is work. It’s work that we enjoy, certainly, but sometimes we need a helping hand. Knowing where to look [...]

Feeling the burn, at home

The coronavirus pandemic has forever changed the fitness industry, forcing gyms and fitness studios across the country to shut down. High-profile national gym franchises such as Gold’s Gym and 24 Hour Fitness filed for bankruptcy, and the latter had to permanently close more [...]

Harvest 2020: A Tale of Two Cities

Harvest has been relatively painless for some in the Santa Clara Valley. For others, it’s been painfully difficult. It’s all a matter of where grapes are sourced. Most of Santa Clara Valley escaped the scourge of smoke, but other grape-growing regions weren’t so lucky. [...]

Program teaches health and stability for families

Three years ago, licensed marriage and family therapist and certified family life educator Ana Morante helped establish a resource that ensures the health and stability of the families and children of the Gilroy community: Resilient Families Gilroy—Familias Resilientes [...]

Hazy harvest begins

Nobody likes to kick off the harvest season with wildfires ablaze, but such is the continuing series of delights that has marked the year 2020 from the outset. Some local wineries were already cleaning their presses, doing last minute bottling to clear tanks and dragging out [...]

Ranch living possibilities

This ranch in San Martin provides an opportunity to plant a vineyard and expand its existing orchard. Located at 680 W. San Martin Ave., the 3,715-square-foot home, located near the CordeValle Golf Club and Resort, includes four bedrooms and four bathrooms. High ceilings [...]

Gilroy musician hopes to inspire

Cassidy Guerrero sees a desire among the young people in Gilroy to express themselves through music, yet the opportunities to do so in the city are minimal. Guerrero, the artist known as 1 A.M., hopes to one day create a dedicated space in Gilroy, where young people from [...]
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