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Road to success

Kimberly Ewertz

Kimberly Ewertz is a freelance writer for South Valley magazine and Gilroy Dispatch.
Kimberly Ewertz

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The right leadership makes all the difference. And, Solorsano Middle School’s Principal, Maria Walker’s dedication and commitment epitomize the essential qualities today’s youth look to in a leader. Recipient of numerous awards, Solorsano Middle School is one of the [...]

Hot Gilroy Nights

Jack Foley

Senior Editor at Gilroy Dispatch
Longtime local journalist and Pulitzer co-winner Jack Foley has worked for San Jose Mercury News and Gilroy Dispatch for more than 20 years and has covered Gilroy for much of his 30-year journalism career. Since 1976, Foley has lived in and around Gilroy.
Jack Foley

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The annual garlic festival put Gilroy on the map, but car shows and music might be the real spice of life in what arguably is the most aromatic city on the planet. And as if to put an exclamation point on it all, the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce this year has revved things up a [...]