Acres of green at Verde Vineyards

VERDE VARIETALS Verde Vineyards’ 12 acres of grapevines yield fruit for wines of all shades.

It doesn’t get more green and lush than this Gilroy spot out on Buena Vista Avenue, directly across from colorful Satori Cellars. George and Lynda Green, who met and still work in the medical field, bought this property for its tranquil setting and views, not really thinking about vines, but then life introduced them to the possibility of vineyards as landscaping with benefits.

And, the benefits! They’ve built a welcoming space for enjoyment of their excellent wines, live music and the endless green vistas that restore calm and purpose to this hectic life.

Their 12 acres of vines at Verde Vineyards, predominantly Bordeaux varieties, are made into wine by consultant Jeff Ritchey (San Saba, Sycamore Creek, Pichetti). Lynda’s favorite is the chardonnay, while George tends toward the 2015 Sophie’s Blend. Director of Sales Ron Jensen likes them all. Seriously good is the 2015 estate merlot, and if the barrel samples of the Malbec and the cabernet franc are any indication of the prowess of vintage 2018, the resulting wines are going to be killer good. If you get a chance to buy futures, don’t hesitate. But, be warned: George and I might drink that cab franc before it sees a bottle! We were also mightily impressed with the 2018 Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir, with its gutsy cranberry and raspberry core.

No matter what your political persuasion, this place should be your green new deal.  Open every weekend, noon-5pm. Bring shades! For more information, visit

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