Articles by Cheryl Huguenor

The need for low-cost care

I recently had the good fortune to view an amazing new documentary, Sue’s Story. Sue Berghoff, a Morgan Hill resident, was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia a few years ago. As she recalls in the film, she felt sorry for herself for a little while, then decided that she had to [...]

Services for seniors

Not only do many people mistakenly believe that Medicare covers all nursing home care, but they also tend to view nursing homes as the only option available when the care of an older family member has become too difficult to manage at home. There are actually many other levels [...]

Songs of yesteryear

MUSICAL MEMORIES In pre-television days, families would gather around the radio to hear the latest songs. I once heard a comedian commenting that today’s youngsters will someday be older people hanging around the senior center, dancing to hip hop and gangster rap. It is a [...]

A different world

Much like a couple experiencing relationship problems, my computer recently stopped communicating with my printer. Nothing seemed to resolve the issue. As I banged my head on the desk I wished, not for the first time, that I had been born before the modern age. I would have [...]

Fair time nostalgia

County fairs and state fairs are in full swing by this time of the summer. I am planning on attending one to try what sounds like a horrible, wonderful treat, the deep-fried Twinkie or, even better, the deep-fried Oreo. I keep hearing how delicious they are. Fairs specialize in [...]

Beating the heat

Here at Live Oak Adult day Services, we recently read aloud a page of fun facts about the various inventions of the 1900s. We were all amazed to learn that air conditioning was invented in 1902. I was not the only one here who wondered why on earth we sweltered through the [...]

Pursuing dreams

As graduation time rolls around this month, I am reminded of my own high school ceremony. It was during the 1970s, when streaking was all the rage, so naturally our event was interrupted by numerous naked people running amok. It was definitely memorable, but I cannot recall the [...]

A lifetime of lessons

I try very hard not to roll my eyes when I hear someone extolling “the wisdom of the elderly.” To me, it sounds rather patronizing. Yet when I got a lively discussion going here at Live Oak Adult Day Services on the topic, I found that our seniors all disagreed. They feel [...]

State of mind

When I started working here at Live Oak Adult Day Services, I was in my 30s, and I was often the youngest person in the room. When I would melodramatically lament that I was about to turn 38 or 40 years old, the seniors here would laugh and say, “You’re so young. You’re [...]