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Kimberly Ewertz is a freelance writer for South Valley magazine and Gilroy Dispatch.

Day on the Ridge

With an entire wall of his office is adorned with eclectic guitars it was more than apparent that the director of St. Joseph’s Family Center (SJFC), David Cox, is an avid music lover. So why did the idea of a daylong music concert as an SJFC fundraiser cause him concern? Last [...]

A coach with heart

The list of those who claim they’ve met a famous celebrity is relatively short, the list of those who claim they’ve taught a famous celebrity is shorter still. Britton Middle School’s Coach Jim Green is on that short list—he coached a 9-year-old Barry Bonds. Green is now [...]

Communal wellbeing

Choosing a financial institution is a serious matter. To find one that not only provides the necessary services but also treats the customer like a friend is extremely rare. Since 1987, and the opening of the first branch of the Commonwealth Central Credit Union in Morgan Hill, [...]

Do-gooder duo

History was made at a Rotarian lunch last November when local residents Brian and Kathy Sullivan were presented with the Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce Man and Woman of the Year awards. The event marked the first time in the 60-year history of the awards that a married couple [...]

The Caretaker of Gilroy Gary Walton

Gary Walton’s passion to revitalize Gilroy, in particular the downtown, began decades ago. In 1987, he built his first residential development on Santa Teresa, and since that time his contributions to the Gilroy community have never stopped. Walton is a man who personifies [...]

Gracious Garage

A landmark structure built more than 150 years ago stands at the corner of Monterey Street and Peebles Avenue in Morgan Hill. The business inside that structure is also a landmark—having served the community for more than six decades. Ponzini Community Garage and Towing is [...]

Road to success

The right leadership makes all the difference. And, Solorsano Middle School’s Principal, Maria Walker’s dedication and commitment epitomize the essential qualities today’s youth look to in a leader. Recipient of numerous awards, Solorsano Middle School is one of the [...]

In service of others

With all the heated discourse in the world today, when the virtues of kindness and generosity seem to have taken a back seat, it’s more important than ever to recognize the unsung heroes in our community who continue to exhibit those qualities. The Spice of Life Awards, [...]

Empowering women

Education is empowering—those seeking an education have their sights set on success. The Learning and Loving Education Center of Morgan Hill has been empowering women with an education since 1994 when Sister Pat Davis and the Sisters of the Presentation founded it. The center [...]

Peoples pays it forward

Throughout his 74 years, Gilroyan David Peoples, owner of Garlic City Mercantile, has given back to the community in countless ways, so much so he was voted Man of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce in 1993. Peoples’ participation in the Garlic Festival, Gilroy Sister [...]
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