Tradition of giving

Kimberly Ewertz

Kimberly Ewertz is a freelance writer for South Valley magazine and Gilroy Dispatch.
Kimberly Ewertz

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The holidays are all about tradition and St. Joseph’s Family Center’s, (SJFC), tradition ensures hundreds of South County families are provided the opportunity to revel in the happiness of the holiday season through the nonprofit’s annual Toy and Food Giveaway. This [...]

Tours in two towns

Debra Eskinazi

Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.
Debra Eskinazi

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Spacious parcels, stunning views, fertile gardens and interiors adorned with items from around the world describe some of the finest sites in this year’s homes and gardens tours. It would be enough if it were one tour, but Mother’s Day weekend offers two distinct tours in [...]

Be Well

Take a deep breath and let 2016 go. It’s been an exceedingly stressful year, and while January is usually a time for resolutions—February is for broken promises—what if this year didn’t have to be about immediate results? What if this year was about doing things the [...]