Hope from Aver Vineyards

ANCHOR WINES Aver Family Vineyards’ “Hope” and “Blessings” wines have been part of its lineup from the beginning. Submitted photo

The holidays are a chance to make the world smaller as we open hearts and homes to family and friends and, hopefully, to perfect strangers as well. This Thanksgiving, I met cousins from Germany I didn’t even know I had, and unsurprisingly, we bonded over wine. It’s the universal language of celebration, of hope, of faith in humanity and gratitude for abundance.

Wine always makes the perfect gift, except for maybe Two Buck Chuck, which one of my cousins served at a wedding, back when the stuff was actually decent.

In the theme of gratitude, it’s hard to beat wines named “Hope” and “Blessings,” two of the anchor wines from the Aver Family portfolio. In fact, they’ve been part of the lineup from the very beginning. They set the tone for the entire offering of wines from John and Carolyn, two of the loveliest people ever.

The 2016 Hope Rhone blend is filled with cherry and baking spice, creating warmth and ending with a splash of coffee. While the 2016 Blessings is sold out, the 2016 Family Album Petite Sirah is dense, potent, gravelly and assertive with a presence of dark blackberry jam and chocolate lava cake. It’s for lovers of texture and heft, and specially priced for the holidays.

Also, Martin Ranch Winery is open every day from noon to 4pm through Dec. 19 for holiday sipping/shopping. Merlot and syrah are on sale by the case.

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