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Finding La Niña Perdida

La nina perdida owner and chef FOODIE HEAVEN Vic Vanni, co-owner of Solis Winery with Chef Miriam Vega, owner of La Niña Perdida. FOODIE HEAVEN Vic Vanni, co-owner of Solis Winery with Chef Miriam Vega, owner of La Niña Perdida. Photo: Bev Stenehjem
The winemaker dinner at La Niña Perdida Mexican Restaurant was a foodie’s heaven—an evening of magical food and wine pairings. Owner/Chef Miriam Vega served up five sublime courses while Vic and Mike Vanni, winemaker/owners of Solis Winery poured five of their brilliant wines.

“I have been wanting to try the food at La Niña Perdida since they opened,” says Mary Haughey, Solis Winery club member and fellow dinner guest said. “The deal was clinched when I heard that Solis wines would be poured.”

The first course, a scallop ceviche, was paired with Fiano, an Italian, white varietal. The tropical, citrusy flavors of the wine complimented the heat of the habanero papaya dressing.

For the second course, a grilled slice of watermelon with feta, the Vanni’s chose their Vino Roseo di Sangiovese—their wildly popular rose.

Chef Miriam chose a Poblano pepper stuffed with ground pork, covered with a coconut-walnut cream sauce for the third course. This dish was paired with a complex, 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon, a gold medal winner with hints of bell pepper and coconut.

For the main course, a tender lamb chop in mole sauce, the Vannis poured their 2012 Baciami—another gold medal winner. A big, rich wine of syrah, petit sirah and zinfandel, it was an excellent complement to the spiciness of the dish.

The grand finale, a blackberry tamal, was paired with Solis’ Port; raisin fermented and consisting of brandy made from Solis’ 1998 Chardonnay.

La Niña Perdida is located at 35 E Main Ave. in Morgan Hill. For more information, visit laninaperdida.com.

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