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Taking a draw on a cigar in a sports lounge is a rare opportunity in Northern California. The Morgan Hill Wine Shop and Cigar Company is one of a handful of lounges where novices and aficionados can legally relax and enjoy a cigar.

The sports lounge offers a dozen local and imported beers on tap and even more bottled beers to choose from. The lounge comes equipped with an impressive 400-square foot walk-in humidor, which holds over 2,000 “sticks” and cigar lockers for members. Equally impressive is the wine shop adjacent to the lounge which features local, imported and rare wines.

Surprisingly, the time-honored tradition of cigar etiquette still holds true today. General manager Amy Yancey and her staff can help novices navigate the subtle conventions of properly preparing, handling and “tasting” the cigar so customers can have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Yancey says she and her staff are on hand to help take out the guesswork of gift-giving.

“Our staff is very knowledgeable about what we have to help pinpoint the right cigars for someone to make it a special, very unique gift,” she says. “If they happened to be a customer, we can look up their history to see what they have smoked.”

Authentic cigars from Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras and Ecuador have a price range to meet everyone’s budget.

Topping the list is Opus X Tauros (The Bull) and gift sets from Prometheus, Opus X cigar case with limited edition cigars presented in a humidor box.

Although it’s open to the public, this holiday season consider giving a membership, which has its perks—discounts for locker rental, purchases and advanced access to promotions. Gift certificates make great gifts. Torch lighters, cutters, punch and carriers make exceptional gifts. Desktop and table humidors complete the cigar experience which act like banks, securing your investment.

Morgan Hill Wine Shop and Cigar Company is one of the few authorized U.S. retailers of luxury brand S.T. Dupont. Originally an atelier to French Royalty, today it is a purveyor of luxury leather goods, lighters, pens and bespoke goods. If they don’t carry a specific item, Yancey says, they can make a special order.

The wine shop offers a separate entrance for non-smokers to enjoy access to fine wines. Local wineries like Martin Ranch, Solis and Fortino are just a few featured. Rare wine selection includes Opus One, Silver Creek and Insignia. Elusive wines like Opus One tops the list at $375 a bottle. BV Private Reserve Beaulieu is also highly desired.

The company’s Dec. 12 Christmas party is fast approaching, a free catered event for members will feature a cigar and wine event as well as a juried home baked dessert contest. Swag prize will be awarded for the best tasting dessert.

Morgan Hill Wine Shop and Cigar Company at 16375 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill and follow them on Facebook for upcoming events.

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