P&V Vineyards makes debut

Wine tasting open first and third weekend

P&V TEAM Paul and Vicki Kermoyan recently opened their winery to the public. Photo courtesy of P&V Vineyards

Paul Kermoyan didn’t grow up with dreams of becoming a winemaker or owning a vineyard. He was an Armenian kid whose family dabbled in homebrew. During college, he got into beermaking and then, later on, began helping a friend make wine.

“I can do this!” the Campbell city planner and community development director said to himself.

He began hanging out with winemakers Steve Peterson at Emmalily and Larry Schaadt at Regale, learning a lot and loving it.

When Paul and his wife Vicki became just the second owners of a 2.5-acre parcel in Coyote Valley planted to Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, they not only inherited a 50-year-old vineyard, but a desire to share its bounty with others. Soon, Paul was making wine, from the estate vineyard, along with Chardonnay sourced from an organic vineyard in Brentwood, and Pinot Noir from a vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Recently, he planted Petite Verdot, Merlot and more Cab at the estate, and took over a small Syrah vineyard in San Martin from which he plans to make wine this year.

Says the two-time winner of a guacamole contest on the Food Network, “In beers, I like lagers, and in wines, I prefer lighter style reds. I don’t over-oak. I’m a gourmet cook, and too much oak is like too much rosemary: it overpowers a dish.”

The public is invited to taste his wares at P&V Vineyards, 10155 Dougherty Ave. in Morgan Hill, the first and third weekend of each month, from 11am-5pm.

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