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New organic food store is shopper's dream

GREAT PRICES South Bay Natural Foods owner John Anagnostakis keeps a varied stock of alternative flours and milks, teas, health products and many natural dried goods.

South Valley’s latest gem is South Bay Natural Foods, located at 8120 Westwood Drive in Gilroy. Offering savvy shoppers a rotating selection of premium natural and organic foods at low prices, South Bay Natural Foods is a cherry pickers’ dream come true to shop and compare prices for the best deals.

Buying organic can be expensive and cost prohibitive, especially in the Bay Area. The small store, opened just four months ago, promises deep savings of 50 percent or more on many recognizable organic brand names.

Father and son owners John and Anthony Anagnostakis bring 32 years of grocery and produce wholesale distribution experience.

“We got into organics because it’s an emerging market in the South Valley and there is a lot of competition with conventional food markets,” Anthony explains. “Our goal is to make organics accessible for people who otherwise would not be able to afford them.”

Based on customer feedback, the Anagnostakis source inventory from multiple distributors to get the best product at the lowest price so that savings are passed on to their customer.

Always greeting customers with a warm smile and speaking several languages, it’s easy for John Anagnostakis to help his clients feel at home.

As charming as its owners, the 2,500-square-foot retail space brings a smile because it is reminiscent of an old-fashioned mercantile store packed with a wide range of organic products, restaurant (industrial) size canned goods, homestead supplies and the odd essential.

John explains he “enjoyed owning a small homestead, harvesting backyard produce and having animals.”

It’s a one-stop shop for small homesteaders including such supplies as poultry feeders, natural feed, rabbit hutches, dog crates and kennels.

Their human counterparts won’t be disappointed either with a wide selection of top organic and natural products including milks alternatives, organic baby foods, artisanal flours, an assortment of gluten-free products as well as non-GMO organics, a large selection of nutritious vegan snacks, and free trade coffee.

With the addition of hard-to-find imported Italian pastas, grains and sections packed with frozen foods as well as dairy and home cleaning and toiletry products, South Bay Natural Foods is a great first stop on anyone’s shopping list.

With three large grocery chain stores located just blocks away on First Street, competition is tough for this father-and-son organics business. However, the draw to South Bay Natural Foods is deep savings on familiar name brands of natural and organic products.

As word of mouth travels, John and Anthony hope to expand by offering produce, deli and larger dairy selections. The duo is also looking to collaborate with gluten-free artisanal bakers to feature baked goods.

“We are a small family business that provides a great service to the community with a low-cost natural food store,” says Anthony.

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