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New tasting room and more winery updates

MOVING ON Ted and Tammie Medeiros of Medeiros Family Wines are moving to Fair Play, where they have purchased a winery. Photo courtesy of Medeiros Family Wines

Change is ever afoot here in wine country. TASS has departed the shared tasting room called Blended, and Medeiros Family will do the same on Oct. 6, leaving La Vie Dansante dancing solo. Says TASS owner Ron Mosley, “Both of us just ran into better opportunities.”

Ted and Tammie Medeiros of Medeiros Family Wines are headed up to Fair Play, where they purchased the former Single Leaf Winery. It’s 20 acres, with seven planted to vines, plus a home and tasting room. 

“We wanted to stay here in the Valley, but the economics just don’t work,” Ted Medeiros said. “I had hoped to retire up there someday, but now retirement is null and void.”

Lightpost Winery, on Lightpost Drive, just opened its new tasting room, formerly occupied by “painter of light,” Thomas Kinkade. It is open Wednesday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

Geoff and Chantal Mace of Calerrain have relocated their tasting room from The Stomping Ground to their vineyard in Gilroy, where they are open from noon to 5 p.m. on weekends. They have 1,000 vines of cabernet sauvignon, sangiovese and merlot. Sounds like a Super Tuscan in the making, doesn’t it? 

“We are farming it organically; you’ll see the weeds,” Geoff Mace said. 

Mace is moving his production, beginning with Pierce Ranch Grenache Rosé, to Blended. He’ll then move barrels and tanks to Eden Rift. 

“A lot of road time this year,” he said.

Turns out Sarah’s Vineyard is also moving crush and fermentation to Blended, with wines finishing up at Eden Rift.

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