Market set to return Aug. 10

First event a success in July

LOCAL CRAFTS More than a dozen vendors showed their wares at the first Makers Market at The Stomping Ground in July. Photo: Melia Morales

The first Makers Market held at The Stomping Ground in July featured more than a dozen local craftspeople whose wares are featured in Makers Market shops at Santana Row, Napa and San Francisco, along with food and live music. It was such a big hit that Janu and Jason Goelz are hosting two more outdoor markets on Aug. 10 and Sept. 14. 

“Overall, it was the best total sales on the property, along with the most visitors,” Jason Goelz said. “This could be the beginning of a monthly or even weekly event in summer.” 

Vendors in July included Joan of Artware (Italian-inspired bracelets), Beads n Shine (classic beaded jewelry), Sophie Pottery, Sacred Beauty Self Care (CBD products),

Ostri Custom wallets, Fiorella Designs cigar box purses, Sparrowsongs cards, prints and beeswax fabric, Seaflower Jewelry and Turquoise Blue Design (jewelry and bags).

In the vineyards, John Aver of Aver Family said veraison generally occurs in his vines during the first two weeks of August. He says it looks like a big crop, potentially larger than last year. 

“Despite the couple of short heatwaves we have had, it has been a somewhat cool year,” he said.  

Stefania Romero of Stefania Wines reports no signs of veraison yet, although Nik Zorn from Guglielmo says the petite sirah is coloring up. Tim Slater of Sarah’s Vineyard says the shot berries in the pinot are turning. 

“It’s been a nice cool year. Perfect for pinot noir,” he said, predicting a long, late harvest.

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