Martin Ranch

A tale of two loves

DOUBLE BARREL SoulMate, a series of barrel-fermented wines that reflect the Martins’ love of the land and each other.
Martin Ranch is the perfect love story. If wine is bottled poetry, Thérèse and Dan Martin have written many sonnets to one another, and to their fellow wine lovers, each with their own voice and pen.

His style, under the JD Hurley label, is fresh and consumer-friendly, with wines meant to be enjoyed young, while hers, under the Thérèse Vineyards label, are barrel-aged up to three years for structure and longevity. Together, they produce SoulMate, a series of barrel-fermented wines that reflect their love of the land and each other.

When Thérèse and Dan met at a grocery store more than 30 years ago, little did they suspect their lives would one day revolve completely around wine. Today, their vineyard estate, tucked among redwood-dotted mountains, produces more than brilliant cabernet.

Colorful plantings of succulents dot the hills, roses abound and garden beds appear everywhere, from which the couple sources food for their plant-based diet. Decks with tables and chairs surround a serene pond, and a trellised overlook provides a sweeping view of vineyards and flowers.

With a glass of wine in hand, you feel like lord or lady of the manor.

Open only six days a month, they’re expanding tasting facilities to accommodate the hundreds of visitors they receive each first and third weekend. Contact Michele Swensen 408.842.9197 to arrange a midweek visit. Martin Ranch is at 6675 Redwood Retreat Road, Gilroy.

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