Santa Clara Valley wineries await reopening

ROLL OUT Lion Ranch is set to release its 2019 “Lioness” rosé. Submitted photo

Tasting rooms are starting to reopen in California, but it’s a county-by-county situation. Initially, wineries were required to serve a “full meal” in order to reopen, but that was fortunately scrapped.

According to Geoff Mace, president of the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, the association sent a letter to the county asking to reopen, but had not received a reply.

“I’m thinking we are still two-three weeks out,” Mace said. “With restaurants just opening on Friday (June 5), I imagine they will want to watch the data for two weeks, at least.”

Meanwhile, wineries are getting creative about engaging customers. John and Carolyn Aver of Avery Family Vineyards are hosting a series of monthly “Supper Clubs” with Truffle Shuffle, where you get a $100 meal kit delivered along with a bottle of Aver Family Wine. Participants meet on Zoom for a fun hour and half or two of cooking and drinking together. June 13, July 11, Aug. 8 and Sept. 19.

Suddenly, it’s rosé time, and the four wineries that comprise The Rhône Society, Aver Family, La Vie Dansante, Lion Ranch and Sarah’s Vineyard, are all releasing rosés on June 13, International Rosé Day. Aver unveils 2019 “Grace,” a GSM, La Vie Dansante has a 2017 Rosé of Grenache, Lion Ranch debuts their 2019 “Lioness” and Sarah’s rolls out their 2019 Estate Grenache. The latter two are direct press: the first two, saignée.

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