Valentine’s, Velocipedes and Verdant Ventures

The Biking Bortolussi Boys. Photo: Ashley Bortolussi

Sweet! The 14th falls on a Sunday this year! Be sure to take your sweetheart (or your family of sweethearts) out for a St. Valentine’s Day spin! Oh, and don’t forget the face masks.

How are those New Year’s resolutions going? Smooth sailing? Riddled with roadblocks? Keep me posted; I’m pulling for you!

Pedaling Paths to Independence, that February favorite out of Linden, has organized a virtual experience this year. (Details? Cyclists can choose to participate on either Feb. 20 or 27. Registration fees will become direct donations to Community Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

What about the rest of the spring rides? Sadly, many (like the Solvang Century and the Tierra Bella) have been cancelled; others are poking around in perpetual pandemic limbo. (Please consider supporting their noble causes any way possible.) The Sea Otter Classic recently announced that they are calendar hopping over to Oct. 7-10.    

You’ve seen his Mobile Bicycle Mechanic truck driving around town. You’ve seen his Dero Fix-It/Air Station demonstration videos on the City of Gilroy website. Heck, you’ve probably had him fix a bicycle of yours once or twice. Of course, I’m talking about Shifty! So, why haven’t we seen him lately?

Shifty has left the building! As a matter of fact, he’s left the entire state! If you want him to fix your bike now, you’re going to have to take it to Harlan, Iowa! Will he become a corn and soybean farmer? Perhaps. If I know Shifty, however, he’ll never stop helping folks fix their bicycles. Stay tuned to his website ( for the continuing adventures of everyone’s favorite mobile bicycle mechanic. 

Save the Dates

2/20 or 27–Pedaling Paths to Independence––VIRTUAL

5/8–I Care Classic–Morgan Hill–

(Please check for last-minute changes before attending.)

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