Articles by Curt Hentschke

Happy New You

Happy New Gear! Was Santa good to you and your bicycle? Awesome! Were you able to join in Bike Therapy’s Jingle Holiday Lights Ride five days before Christmas? Super! Is it too cold to ride? Never! Just add an extra layer (or two) and enjoy. Some of my all-time favorite spring [...]

Cranking at Christmas

Did you hear what I heard? Morgan Hill’s Bike Therapy was recently honored as one of America’s Best Bicycle Shops! Fewer than 200 stores qualify for this honor, which is bestowed by the National Bicycle Dealers Association. Congrats to Doug, Jodi and the crew! All they want [...]

Cranking and thanking

Out of left field: “Coyote Creek Cycling Classic is cancelled.” Like many of you, I received that email two days before the actual event. Nothing left to do but wait until next October. Meantime, we still have plenty of late season cycling opportunities. Palo Alto’s Cycle [...]

Cycling Classics

Hello, October. September recently showed us that we can go from century-topping heat to pouring rain in a matter of a few days. What do you have in store for us? Whatever you dish out, we’ll be out there cycling! (Note: Be sure to take the family out for a ride to check out [...]

Ride into fall

Autumn is arriving, bringing with it a gaggle of great bicycle opportunities. I mean, on Sept. 19, who wouldn’t want to dress up like a buccaneer and go out riding on Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Three days later, on the 22nd, Viva CalleSJ returns to the streets of San Jose. [...]

Promoting pedal power

Summertime, and the cycling is easy…except when it gets hot. Ride early, and don’t forget the sunscreen! From the Marin Century on Aug. 3 to the Tour de Fox on Aug. 24, there are plenty of challenging charity rides to support this month. For a change of pace, check out the [...]

Plenty of rides scheduled to share cycling passion

Happy 243rd, USA! Summertime is not leave-the-bike-in-the-garage-and-wait-for-the-temps-to-drop time. Oh, no! Summer is slather-on-the-sunscreen-pack-extra-water-don-the-sun-protection-and-get-outside time.  We are blessed to live in a time when store shelves and online [...]

Cycle for a cause

Were you among the hundreds of celebrating cyclofans congregating in Morgan Hill last month? The Stage 3 finish of the Amgen Tour of California may not have been the usual nail-biter, but the carnival atmosphere surrounding the finish line Lifestyle Fair was mighty exciting, [...]

Rides with friends

Far out! It’s February! For some, that means Valentine’s Day; for weekend warrior cyclists, that means the start of the event ride calendar. From late February through early November, most weekends will offer all manner of charity rides. These events almost always include [...]

Happy New Gear!

Four packs of tubes, three gel packs, two brake pad sets and a bicycle under my tree! As you can see, I’m dreaming of a Bike Christmas. We’ve finally made it to December! Is your cycling wish list filled out? Quick, send your designated shopper to the local bike shop! Make [...]
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