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Organizing your travel around riding can be easy

CHICKEN-FREE ISLE The author and his sons enjoyed a windy ride through historic Kirkwall. Featured Cruise Hentschke. Photo: Curt Hentschke
Hot enough for ya? Sure, it’s toasty, but there are ways to bicycle around that. Ride as early as possible. Slather yourself with sunscreen before and during your ride! If you haven’t discovered solar-specific clothing like arm covers, start exploring; every bit of added UV protection helps!

Check out this month’s Save the Dates for some temperate treks. If you’re looking for an easy family ride, consider taking advantage of the 24th annual South County Railroad Day on Aug. 18. Five area model railroad enthusiasts will be allowing access to their wonderful garden layouts, so pedal over to the closest one(s). The event benefits local food banks, so be sure to bring along a non-perishable food item.

For the past few months, we’ve been exploring how to enjoy your favorite pastime where you’re somewhere sans your bike. In June, we looked at booking fully supported bicycle excursions in popular vacation spots like Hawaii. Last month, we discussed booking bicycle excursions through cruise lines. This month, we wrap it up with by making you the tour organizer and guide.

Long before your cruise, explore each stop’s port times. If there’s a healthy layover and some cool sites to explore, locate a local bike shop (Google Maps?) and begin an email dialogue about renting. Later, once you dock, you can pedal around those picturesque ports of call. One caveat: Have contingency plans for flat tires, insane winds, etc.; if you’re not back aboard your cruise ship at departure time, it will sail without you!

Save the Dates

8/4—Marin Century/Mt. Tam Double—
8/12–Tour d’Organics–Sebastapol–
8/18–Garden Railroad Tour–South County–[email protected]
8/18—Tour de Menlo—Atherton—
8/25–Tour de Fox–Santa Rosa–

Curt “Cycle Guy” Hentschke has pedaled over 60,000 miles of South Valley and San Benito County trails. Send your cycle celebrations to [email protected]. Check for last minute changes before attending.

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