Rhône for the Hills

Bev Stenehjem is a wine columnist for South Valley Magazine and is the author of the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, Arcadia Publishing. Bev also promotes the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley association on Facebook and Twitter. Reach her at [email protected].
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Bucking the long tradition of Bordeaux-style wines in this valley is a growing trend of Rhône-style wines. For many years, the wineries of Santa Clara Valley have produced wines made from cabernet sauvignon, merlot, syrah, zinfandel and other Italian varietals such as [...]

Realtor’s Corner: Dan Gluhaich

Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.
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What is your experience with vineyards in real estate? I’ve been in real estate for 40 years and I came out of the agricultural business. I have a vineyard of my own and I understand the business and I understand ag land and selling ag land. I’ve done several transactions of [...]