Gilroy gallery opens in historic downtown hotel

Emily McEwan-Upright envisioned a space where creative mothers and mid-career artists can display their work without the pressures and demands of a traditional fine art gallery. The result is Gallery [...]

Righteous rockout

Lover of arts & books; ukulele learner; therapeutic knitter; long-distance runner. Former Arts and Books Editor at Herald-Tribune.
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Like its 1970s compadre, “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Godspell” focuses on Jesus as seen through a 20th-century rock score. Unlike “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Godspell” focuses on Jesus’s teachings more than the [...]

Recreating that Gilroy feel

Kimberly Ewertz is a freelance writer for South Valley magazine and Gilroy Dispatch.
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This isn’t Chris Dufur’s first win. In fifth grade he entered a computer science class poster contest and came in first. “I had a drawing of the Scooby Doo dog [...]
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