Edgy aroma

Laura Ness

Laura Ness is an accomplished freelance writer offering travel tips and commentary on the California wine industry.

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Not the easiest varietal to pronounce, so make sure you don’t have a mouth full of spaghetti when you ask someone to pass the Guglielmo Grignolino, a sassy red wine that will spice up any summertime repast, pasta or no. This is an unusual grape in California, and it’s not [...]

Training world champions

Kimberly Ewertz

Kimberly Ewertz is a freelance writer for South Valley magazine and Gilroy Dispatch.
Kimberly Ewertz

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The location was Lisbon, Portugal, and the event was the Global Stick and Blade Alliance (GBSA) competition, where opposing competitors battled hand-to-hand in the hopes of winning a world championship title.The GSBA championships is the World Series for competitors of the [...]

Songs of yesteryear

Cheryl Huguenor

Cheryl Huguenor is the program director at Live Oak Adult Day Services in Gilroy. For more information visit liveoakadultdaycare.org.
Cheryl Huguenor

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MUSICAL MEMORIES In pre-television days, families would gather around the radio to hear the latest songs. I once heard a comedian commenting that today’s youngsters will someday be older people hanging around the senior center, dancing to hip hop and gangster rap. It is a [...]

Beneath our souls

The Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range are part of the American Cordillera, a continuous range of mountains that runs along the west side of the New World from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. [...]

Worldly bikes

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Hot enough for ya? Sure, it’s toasty, but there are ways to bicycle around that. Ride as early as possible. Slather yourself with sunscreen before and during your ride! If you haven’t discovered solar-specific clothing like arm covers, start exploring; every bit of added UV [...]

Garlic all the way

With the Gilroy Garlic Festival mere days away, you may be wondering what this year’s event is bringing to the table (other than the strong-smelling bulb). Todd Trekell, the 2018 Gilroy Garlic Festival president, says the festival’s committee surveyed customers last year [...]

Cal-bound royalty

Ask any young lady who’s been named a pageant queen, and she’ll tell you the title was won only after months of preparation. And for some, after years of dreaming about it. But Sloan Pace had never even considered it. “I never really thought I would [be in one] until this [...]

Recreating that Gilroy feel

Kimberly Ewertz

Kimberly Ewertz is a freelance writer for South Valley magazine and Gilroy Dispatch.
Kimberly Ewertz

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This isn’t Chris Dufur’s first win. In fifth grade he entered a computer science class poster contest and came in first. “I had a drawing of the Scooby Doo dog and he was sitting at the computer,” Dufur said.  “Everybody loved that.” This year, with his mother’s [...]

How does your garlic grow?

Kate Russell

Kate Russell is a UCCE Master Gardener in Santa Clara county.

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Being the Garlic Capital of the World means there are plenty of garlic goodies to be found in Gilroy, but growing your own garlic may be the most rewarding way to celebrate this cousin to onions, shallots, chives and leeks. In late spring, garlic plants may not look like much. [...]

A healer with a heart

Debra Eskinazi

Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.
Debra Eskinazi

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With the aid of technology, our world has gotten smaller. At our fingertips are tools for education, health and other infinite information resources. People once miles and time zones apart are more easily connected. Our culture of convenience, while helpful in so many areas, may [...]
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