Common threads

On the front lines or the supply lines, every veteran’s experience is different. However, what they have in common is more important. On the third Thursday of nearly every month, veterans at the American Legion Gilroy Post 217 gather for Social Night—they talk, laugh and [...]

A lifetime of lessons

Cheryl Huguenor is the program director at Live Oak Adult Day Services in Gilroy. For more information visit liveoakadultdaycare.org.
Cheryl Huguenor
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I try very hard not to roll my eyes when I hear someone extolling “the wisdom of the elderly.” To me, it sounds rather patronizing. Yet when I got a lively discussion going here at Live Oak Adult Day Services on the topic, I found that our seniors all disagreed. They feel [...]

Mushroom Masters

Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.
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So captivated by the mushroom, Egyptian pharaohs considered the famous fungi food for royalty and decreed that no commoner should touch them. The Egyptians were not alone in their reverence for the mushroom. Various civilizations in history have placed the mushroom central to [...]

Beyond simple flowers

With only two days left until Mother’s Day, you might be feeling the time crunch to find a perfect gift. Don’t worry, though, because there are a few places around the South Valley that will turn that frantic, last-minute scramble into a fruitful breeze. Maison A, at 17511 [...]

A mom’s home & garden tour

Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.
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From original oak floors and pellet stoves to Gothic-style gables and outdoor aviaries, the Gilroy Assistance League has lined up five historic homes in the heart of Gilroy for its 13th annual Impressions: Home & Garden Tour. With the money raised during the 2016 home tour, [...]

A Japanese cultural celebration

By Laura Barreras Once used to issue military commands and in religious ceremony, Taiko, or the traditional Japanese-style instrument meaning “fat drum,” will take center stage at the 57th annual Haru Matsuri Festival and Taiko Expo in Morgan Hill—one of the South [...]

What Jews believe

Debra Eskinazi is the editor of South Valley magazine.
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If you’ve ever wondered what Jesus has to do with Judaism or what the Jewish concept of sin is, these are the types of questions that will be addressed during the Interfaith Community of South County’s (ICSC) event The Faith of Our Neighbors: Judaism. “The idea is to [...]

Coe overnight outing

Ron Erskine is a local outdoors columnist and avid hiker.
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The best thing about Henry Coe State Park is also the most challenging thing. It’s big … really big. Imagine a wild area so vast it could swallow up three San Franciscos. Suppose this huge area had only two year-round entrances that barely pierce its boundary, and there, the [...]

From Gilroy to grandstands

For Bobby and Tucker Baksa a normal day at the office would be the field of dreams for millions of average Joe and Jane sports fans. For the Baksa boys, the path to their field of dreams was forged on the sand lots of Gilroy rec league sports. Bobby and Tucker, sons of longtime [...]

Top kitchen trends

Bev Stenehjem is a wine columnist for South Valley Magazine and is the author of the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley, Arcadia Publishing. Bev also promotes the Wineries of Santa Clara Valley association on Facebook and Twitter. Reach her at [email protected]
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Celebrity cook and author Rachel Ray, says “Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home.” As the indisputable heart of our homes, the kitchen is where everyone tends to gather. And for good reason—the kitchen is where we find comforting aromas of onions being [...]
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